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Examples & samples

Calculator Add-On

Ever wanted to add a calculator to an app? FileMaker 19's new Add-on capability makes it easy to add new features and modules. This Add-on makes a button that opens a calculator in a card window.

Calculator Add-On
Stagehand Shift Tracker

Keeping track of crew hours and shifts is difficult. It involves a lot of paperwork and time. This app makes all that easier with digital sign outs, automatic confirmations and weekly report summaries. Designed for iPhones, it can also be used on iPads or desktops. It removes the need for duplicate entries and greatly reduces errors

Shift Tracker
inventory Scanner
A simple barcode scanner to make inventory check out easy
Inventory Scanner
Dog Walker App

While seeming simple, this app utilizes a range of FileMaker’s capabilities. It uses iOS’s native GPS and step tracking to measure distance. Google Maps API will show you where the dog lives. And the JavaScript timer will keep track of how long you've been walking.


It even checks the weather with OpenWeather’s API and JSON. And with FileMaker 19’s new integrated Shortcuts support, it’s easy to add voice commands to begin and end your walk.

Dog Walker App
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